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SWUPL’s Criminal Law Integration Teaching Team Selected Among the Second Batch of “Huang Danian-style Teacher Teams from Chongqing Colleges and Universities”

Group photo (Photo credit: School of Law)

  Recently, criminal law integration teaching team of SWUPL headed by Professor Sun Changyong has been successfully selected among the second batch of Huang Danian-style Teacher Teams from Chongqing Colleges and Universities as announced by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission. Previously, the economic law teacher team was selected among the National Huang Danian-style Teacher Teams in 2018, and the Chinese legal culture dissemination and education teacher team was selected as among the Huang Danian-style Teacher Teams from Chongqing colleges and universities in 2019.

  Formed through interdisciplinary integration on the basis of the national teaching team “Criminal Procedure Law Teaching Team”, Chongqing teaching team “Criminal Law Teaching Team” and Chongqing postgraduate advisers’ team “Practice Oriented Criminal Integration Advisers’ Team”, the team aims to cultivate excellent rule of law talents with both moral and legal education and a thorough integration of theory and practice, adheres to the undergraduate-based and curriculum-based education, organically integrates ideological and political education into the professional curriculum, and implements the fundamental task of cultivating moral character in all aspects of education and teaching, achieving remarkable results. The team has always taken scientific research as the basis of cultivating innovative talents, and actively carried out scientific research and innovation around the key and difficult issues of rule of law construction by relying on the four major research bases jointly built by the university and the ministry and at municipal level, such as the National Research Center of Drug Issues Governance, and the Criminal Prosecution Research Base of the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

  In terms of social service, the team always pursues the teaching philosophy of serving the society and facilitating practice, and insists on the unity of concern for the society and dedication to scholarship. Members of the team have participated in the expert argumentation of 10 draft laws upon the invitation of the Legal Affairs Commission of the National People’s Congress, including the Criminal Procedure Law, People’s Assessors Law, Detention Facilities Law, Prison Law, Community Corrections Law, and Anti-Organized Crime Law; have submitted several Think Tank achievements approved on different occasions by the leaders of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate; have made several proposals to the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), including Proposal for Building a Comprehensive Protection System for Minors, which was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for Advocacy; undertook a special research work on the political and legal stability maintenance and safety construction in the new stage in Chongqing upon the entrustment of the Political and Legal Committee of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee; participated in the cleaning up of local regulations and the drafting of Regulations of Chongqing Municipality on the Protection of Minors upon the entrustment of the Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress; and participated in the drafting of Regulations of Hainan Province on the Protection of Minors.