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Professor Zhang Yonghe’s book China And World Human Rights Protection published in Italian and English languages

The Italian version of China And World Human Rights Protection (Photo credit: Human Rights Institute)

The Chinese version and the English version of China And World Human Rights Protection (Photo credit: Human Rights Institute)

  Recently, the Italian version of the book China And World Human Rights Protection by Professor Zhang Yonghe was published, and the preface was written by Song Xuefeng, the Chinese Consul General in Milan. The book was published by the Italian company Anteo (Cavriago).

  China And World Human Rights Protection, published by China Intercontinental Press, focuses on four issues, i.e., “how China faces the rights to survival and development”, “what to do when China faces civil and political rights”, “how China faces international human rights obligations and cooperation”, and “what China can do for the cause of human rights in the world”. The book introduces China’s many advances and important contributions in the field of global human rights governance, and elaborates on China’s propositions on issues such as fully safeguarding human rights and actively addressing human rights challenges, which will be significant in understanding China’s real, three-dimensional and comprehensive human rights development path, positions and propositions.

  It is reported that this book, as among the book series “Chinese Solutions for Global Governance”, is listed as a project funded by the Information Office of the State Council under the “Chinese Book Promotion Program” and funded by the international publication fund program. The English version of the book was planned and published by China Intercontinental Press in 2019, and the French, Spanish and Arabic versions of the book will be published within the year.