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A Translated Book of Li Mankui from the Economic Law School Selected as Among the “Top 10 Rule of Law Books of 2020”

List of “Top 10 Rule of Law Books of 2020” (Photo credit: Legal Weekly)

Equality: The New Legal Framework (2nd Ed.) written by Bob Hepple and translated by Li Mankui (Photo credit: Economic Law School)

  As recently released by the list of “Top 10 Rule of Law Books of 2020”, Equality: The New Legal Framework written by Bob Hepple and translated by Li Mankui (associate professor of the Economic Law School) was selected as one of the “Top 10 Rule of Law Books of 2020”, being the only translation work among the selected books.

  The UK Equality Act 2010 is the fifth generation of equality legislation in the UK, and is regarded as “a landmark event in the UK’s long journey towards equal rights”. Lord Bob Hepple, Emeritus Professor at Cambridge University and the principal architect of the Act, wrote the book Equality: The New Legal Framework as a first-hand account of the legislative process.

  The book begins with the purpose of the Equality Act, analyzes in depth the characteristics of being protected, prohibited behaviors, and areas for achieving equality, presents a comprehensive equality legislation model of the Equality Act, and dedicates a chapter to the positive obligations of public institutions in promoting equality, highlighting the concept of transformative equality.

  Professor Li Mankui spent one year to complete the translation of Bob Hepple’s Equality: The New Legal Framework, and he believes that the translation is useful for enhancing the depth and breadth of comparative law research on equality theory in China. At the same time, the book’s content on legislative history, equality theory and effect evaluation can also provide sufficient information reference for China’s continuous improvement of equality and anti-discrimination legislation.

  Talking about the award, Prof. Li Mankui said that the translation was selected as one of the “Top 10 Rule of Law Books of 2020” mainly because of the judges’ recognition of the value of the selected topic and the direction of research-oriented translation, which means responsibility for the translator. In his future teaching and research, he will continue to work on research-related translation as much as he can, and strive to translate more works that represent the world’s excellent legal culture.

  According to the judges of the “Top 10 Rule of Law Books”, Equality: The New Legal Framework written by Bob Hepple and translated by Li Mankui is the only translation selected, which is particularly remarkable. The selection of the book reflects the openness of China’s rule of law construction to the world’s excellent legal culture on the one hand, and shows the importance of equality and rule of law and its future development direction on the other.

  It is reported that the selection of the “Top 10 Rule of Law Books” is a brand activity of Legal Weekly, which has been held for 8 consecutive years since 2012. During this period, at the end of each year, Legal Weekly would join hands with experts, scholars and book reviewers to review and select the excellent rule of law books published in the preceding year.

Also selected in the “Top 10 Rule of Law Books” are Rule of Law and Rule of Virtue: An Inner Observation of China’s Legal Modernization Movement by Liang Zhiping, a class of 1978 alumnus, and China Since 1840 by Wang Renbo, a class of 1979 alumnus.

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  Mankui, male, Doctor of Laws, associate professor at the Economic Law School of Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL), Ph.D. adviser, part-time researcher at Human Rights Institute of SWUPL (a national human rights education and training base), has published more than 30 articles in J Occup Rehabil, Industrial Relations/Relations Industrielles, Global Law Review, Social Science Front, Procuratorial Daily, Rule of Law Daily, etc., 1 monograph on the Compulsory Nature of Work-Related Injury Insurance and its Implementation Path , and 2 translation works of Equality: The New Legal Framework  and The Law of Workplace Bullying . In 2009, he was selected as a visiting scholar in the Sino-Canada Scholar Exchange Program  and invited to the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law in Canada, invited to the headquarters of the International Labor Organization, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Korea, Mauritius and other countries to give speeches, deliver lectures and offer credit courses; selected in 2016 as the third batch of young backbone teachers among Chongqing Higher Education Institutions; awarded in 2018 as Good Teacher of Southwest University of Political Science and Law; selected in 2020 in the Special Support Program for Teaching Celebrities and Academic Top-Notch Talents of 122 Talents Project  of Southwest University of Political Science and Law; concurrently served as the director of the China Law Society Social Law Studies Institute and an expert of the Chongqing Federation of Trade Unions “Care Action” for female workers; and also received awards such as the Chongqing Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation and the First, Second and Third Awards of the Outstanding Youth Dissertation of the China Law Society Social Law Studies Institute.