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23 Dissertations Selected as Chongqing Excellent Doctoral and Master’s Dissertations for the Year 2020

  Scalia’s Textual Originalism and 6 other doctoral theses, and Inner Unity of Marx’s Definitions on Human Nature and 15 other master’s theses are on the list of Chongqing Excellent Doctoral and Master’s Dissertations for the Year 2020 as recently announced by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission.

  As one of the measures to implement the Opinions of the Ministry of Education, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance on Accelerating the Reform and Development of Postgraduate Education in the New Era (No. 9 [2020]), the selection of excellent doctoral and master’s theses aims to further strengthen the awareness of the importance of high-level talent cultivation quality among postgraduates and their advisers, and give full play to the exemplary leading role of high-level postgraduates and their advisers. Our university will increase the cultivation of excellent postgraduate theses, vigorously advocate the scientific and rigorous academic style and the spirit of innovation, and strive to improve the level of degree and postgraduate education.

  It is reported that 82 excellent doctoral theses and 177 excellent master’s theses were selected by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission in 2020, and more than 10 universities in Chongqing participated in the selection of excellent theses.

  Annex: List of Selected Theses

  List of Theses Selected as Chongqing Excellent Doctoral Theses for the Year 202


Code & Name of Discipline

Thesis Title


Liang Xisheng

0301 Law

Scalia’ Textual Originalism

Zhou Zucheng

Li Jie

0301 Law

Review and Improvement of China’s Preventive Anti-Terrorism Criminal Law Norms

Mei Chuanqiang

Wu Yonghui

  0301 Law

  Principle of Clarity in Criminal Law

  Shi Jinghai

Huang Qi

  0301 Law

  Judges’ Commanding Power in Criminal Proceedings

  Li Changlin

Wu Jin

  0301 Law

  Protection of Depository Receipt Investors in China

  Li Yan

Chen Ming

  0301 Law

  Supplementary Liability by Shareholders

  Deng Gang

Yan Qing

  0301 Law

  Legal Mechanism of Mutual Trust between Tax Collectors and Taxpayers

  Hu Yuancong

  List of Theses Selected as Chongqing Excellent Master’s Theses for the Year 2020


  Code & Name of Discipline

Thesis Title


Xu Dong

0101 Philosophy

Inner Unity of Marx’s Definitions on Human Nature

Zeng Fangyue

Song Weizhi

0301 Law

Returning to Value Governance: A Study of Weber’s Theory of Technical Governance

Zhou Shangjun

Yao Lu

0301 Law

Legal Justification and Realization of Internet Platforms’ Participation in Network Co-governance

Tan Zongze

Zhou Xin

0301 Law

Systematic Application of Criminal Law Provisions

Shi Jinghai

Luo Zhenghao

0301 Law

Social Service Organizations from the Perspective of Parties to Civil Relations

Tan Qiping

Dong Zhidiao

0301 Law

Trust Law Structure of Foundation Property Governance

Hu Jun

Tang Yiliang

0301 Law

Several Issues on Civil Public Interest Suit Collateral to Criminal Proceedings

Gao Feng

Chang Yuhao

0301 Law

Principle of Informed Consent for Personal Information Protection in Big Data Era

Jiang Fan

Wang Zhongzheng

0301 Law

Normative Interpretation and Empirical Study of the Scope of Administrative Environmental Public Interest Litigation

Zhao Shuang

Cheng Shaoyang

0301 Law

China’s International Commercial Court Rules

Zhang Xiaojun

Wu Tong

0301 Law

Formation Mechanism and Judicial Application of Evidence-Gathering Investigation Measures

Ma Fang

Zhang Jincheng

0302 Political Science

Optimizing the Composition of the Standing Committee of Provincial People’s Congress

Zhou Zhenchao

Shan Juming

0351 Juris Master

Justification Crisis and the Return of “Arbitration Without Privity” in ISDS

Zhang Jianwen

Zhang Cong

0551 MTI

A Translation Report of Article 3-5.7 in the Third Volume of Understanding and Negotiating the EPC Contract

Qiao Li

Ni Mei

0552 MJC

Use and Satisfaction of Audience of “Slow TV” Shows: the Example of “Back to Field”

Zhang Zhizhong

Yu Yi

1202 MBA

Prior Experience, Growth Expectations, and Entrepreneurial Social Networks: An Empirical Analysis Based on a Random Sample Survey of the CPSED Project

Han Wei