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10 Courses of SWUPL Were Selected into the First Batch of National First-Class Undergraduate Courses

Screenshot from the Department of Education website (Photo credit: College News Center)

  Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the announcement of the results of the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses,among which the Fundamentals of Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Jurisprudence and other 6 courses of SWUPL entered the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses. A total of 85 first-class courses from 14 universities in Chongqing were selected.

  The first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses recognized by the Ministry of Education are divided into five categories, namely, online first-class courses, first-class courses of virtual simulation experimental teaching, offline first-class courses, online and offline hybrid first-class courses, and social practice first-class courses, SWUPL has all categories of courses selected with the exception of social practice first-class courses.

  Courses including Jurisprudence, with Professor Fu Zitang as the course leader, Criminal Procedure Law, with Professor Sun Changyong as the course leader, Fundamentals of Law, with Professor Tang Li as the course leader, Civil Procedure Law, with Professor Duan Wenbo as the course leader, released on the iCourses (Chinese University MOOC) platform were recognized as online first-class courses; Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Program on Integrated Media Reporting of Major Achievements in the charge of Li Pei, Dean of School of Journalism and Communication of SWUPL and other professors was recognized as first-class course of virtual simulation experimental teaching; Environmental and Natural Resources Law in the charge of Professor Zhang Zhiliao and other professors from the School of Economic Law, Civil Law led by Professor Tan Qiping and other professors from the School of Civil and Commercial Law, Chinese Legal History led by Professor Long Daxuan and others from the School of Administrative Law and Criminal Law the General Part by Professor Shi Jinghai and others from the School of Law were recognized as offline first-class courses; and Spirit of Civil Law and Social Civilization in the charge of Professor Sun Peng and others from the School of Civil and Commercial Law was recognized as the online and offline hybrid first-class course.

  It is understood that in October 2019, the Ministry of Education officially released the Opinions on the Implementation of the Construction of First-class Undergraduate Courses. The goal is to build about 10,000 national and 10,000 provincial first-class undergraduate courses in about three years, focusing on the innovation, demonstration and promotion of innovative, compound and applied talent cultivation courses (“Double Ten Thousand Program”). Since 2019, by implementing the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Conference on Undergraduate Education in the New Era, SWUPL has launched a variety of online and offline “Golden Courses”. SWUPL not only strives for reform in the construction of disciplines and courses, but also focuses on the spiritual guidance of teachers and students by combining majors with political-ideological education and firmly assuming the mission of cultivating people, so as to create high-quality “Golden Courses”.