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Prof. Jian Min Awarded “2020 Chongqing Universities Most Beautiful Student Life Advisor”

At the ceremony (Professor Jian Min, fifth from the right in the front row)

  On October 6, Professor Jian Min from the School of Civil and Commercial Law was awarded as one of the ten “2020 Chongqing Universities Most Beautiful Student Life Advisors” as jointly released through election by the Publicity Department of CPC Chongqing Committee, Office of Civic Enhancement Committee, Education Work Committee of CPC Chongqing Committee, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Education.

  Jian Min, professor, political science MA and MPA student advisor, Chongqing popular science expert, with research interests in social stability and crisis management, has been working as a full-time student life advisor since 1998. She has been awarded the National Universities Student Life Advisor of the Year, Chongqing Outstanding Party Member, Chongqing First Outstanding Student Life Advisor Studio Presider, National Student Life Advisor of the Year Finalist, Chongqing Student Life Advisor of the Year, Chongqing Excellent Student Life Advisor Funding Program, National Challenge Cup Outstanding Instructor, Chongqing Outstanding Individual in Scientific and Technological Innovation, the first prize of the National Universities Student Life Advisor Outstanding Papers, the second prize of Chongqing Social Science Academic Papers, and the first prize of Chongqing Outstanding Periodical Papers. She has presided over 11 projects at provincial and ministerial levels, published 5 books, and published more than 30 academic papers. She also serves as an executive director of the Chongqing Political Science Association, a director of the Chongqing Youth Research Association, a member of the Chongqing Yubei District Emergency Management Expert Pool, and a researcher of the China Research Center for Social Stability and Crisis Management. The students supervised by Jian Min have been awarded the National Third Prize (2011) and the National Second Prize (2015), and the National Establishment of the Undergraduate Three Innovations Project. As a returning scholar of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, she visited the Department of Political Science at Cleveland State University to do research on campus security information and crisis management.

  Professor Jian Min said that it was a great honor and pleasure to be awarded the Chongqing Universities Most Beautiful Student Life Advisor. However, the achievements belong to the past, and she will never forget her original intention and work hard to move forward. In the future, she will continue to adhere to the purpose of educating people with virtue, and strive to be a good teacher of “knowledge” and “virtue”, planting the seeds of truth, goodness and beauty for the student’s soul, guiding students towards healthy growth and into becoming responsible socialist builders and successors with all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding.

  It is reported that the selection activity is aimed at cultivating and selecting the advanced model of university student life advisors for the new era, inspiring the sense of honor, responsibility and mission among all the student life advisors. At 21:30 on October 8, 2020, the list release ceremony for the Chongqing Universities Most Beautiful Student Life Advisor will be on Chongqing TV.