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Opening Ceremony for the Class of 2020

At the opening ceremony (Photo by He Ming)

Raise the flag and sing the national anthem (Photo by He Ming)

  On the morning of September 24, the opening ceremony of the SWUPL Class of 2020, held in the athletic field of North Area, Yubei Campus, was attended by Fan Wei (Secretary of the Party Committee), Fu Zitang (Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SWUPL), all the university leaders and standing committee members of the Party Committee, Professor Wen Zhengbang (from the School of Administrative Law, representative of senior professors, and winner of “2020 Li Buyun Law Prize”), Zhu Rui (adviser of the university’s Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth and former Secretary of the university’s Discipline Inspection Commission), representatives for recipients of the Honorary Title of “Three Goods and One Outstanding”, student life advisors and logistics staff, heads of relevant functional departments and more than 6,700 new candidates for the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degree. The ceremony was presided over by Wu Yuhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.

  President Fu Zitang: answer the “SWUPL’s five questions”

Fu Zitang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SWUPL (Photo by He Ming)

  “New fellows of the Class of 2020! SWUPL is your new platform, new family, and new home, but at the same time, it is also your new battlefield, new classroom, and new examination room,” says Fu Zitang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SWUPL. Entitled “SWUPL’s five questions”, his speech sent a message to all new students in this grand new era that demands tremendous responsibility that, as a SWUPLer with a sense of mission, every one needs to answer the “SWUPL’s five questions” for self-improvement, responsibility, gregariousness, humility and dream”.

  “Implicitly covered by the SWUPL’s spirit of exerting oneself constantly is self-discipline ...... In the face of temptation, you need to resist by self-discipline; in the face of hardship, you need to meet by self-discipline; and in the face of suffering, you need to persist by self-discipline. Those who are self-disciplined will be self-reliant; those who are self-reliant will be free,” says the President Fu Zitang with regard to the first question “Self-improvement”.

  "Freedom is related to self-discipline, and even more related to responsibility ...... Responsibility is related to love and kindness”, says Fu Zitang with regard to the second question “Responsibility”, “the SWUPL’s spirit of ‘bearing in mind the world’ demands the students to answer the ‘responsibility’ question – are you willing to fulfill your responsibilities to your family, to your alma mater, to your group, to your team, to your career, to your motherland, and to the world?

  In response to the question of “gregariousness”, Fu Zitang points out that responsibility is related to gregariousness, which is often reflected by a strong, tolerant and generous heart. Gregariousness, as a real exam question, is the concrete expression of the SWUPL’s spirit of “helping each other in need”. It is a kind of art and a realm that all people happily integrate into the group.

  As for the “question of humility”, Fu Zitang indicates that, “humility is the ability to understand oneself properly and to know one’s place in the world and in the times. To be humble is to recognize one’s own limitations so that one can perfect oneself with infinite efforts.

  “Those who have a dream must have a strong presence”, says Fu Zitang when responding to the “question of dream”. Dreams are the outline of your visions for yourself, your country and the world. The real dream is often a vision, waiting for you in a distant place, not just an examination result, but an eternal persistence and eternal pursuit.

  “May you satisfactorily answer the ‘SWUPL’s five questions’, engrave your youth with the posture of struggle, and light up the future with the SWUPL’s spirit” is the ardent expectations put forward by the President Fu Zitang to all new students at the end of his speech.

  Representatives of the teachers, students and their parents: ride the wind and waves when pressing forward!

Faculty representative professor Huang Maoqin (Photo by He Ming)

Zhu Lanchun, representative of the parents of new students (Photo by He Ming)

Zhang Hengchuan, representative of new undergraduate students of Class 2020 of the School of International Law (Photo by He Ming)

  Professor Huang Maoqin from the Economic Law School, the faculty representative and member of the national university Huang Danian-style faculty team, advises new students to learn three abilities in university - “judgment”, “cooperation” and “determination”, among which judgment affects how far one’s development can go, cooperation affects how wide one’s development can extend, and determination affects how durable one’s development can be. “The best education for you came from your parents by personal example and verbal instruction; and from now on the best education for you will come from the self-growth that the SWUPL never gives up”, Zhu Lanchun, the representative of new students’ parents sends a message to the new students, “learn to learn and live, improve and enrich yourself, be a SWUPLer with mature mind and sound personality”.

  Zhang Hengchuan, the representative of 2020 undergraduate new students of the International Law School, says that “we should strive to be the new successor of ‘SWUPL spirit’ by building extensive knowledge reserve, cultivating scientific way of thinking and strong national sentiment, and contributing to the unique powerful force of SWUPLers in the development of the age”.

  “Five years ago, I was a new graduate student at our university’s opening ceremony, and today, I am here in the opening ceremony as a life advisor for new students. Here and now, I would like to report to my alma mater: SWUPL, hello! Once again, I report to you!” says Guo Jiawei, a student life advisor of the Marxism School at the opening ceremony.

  Wang Xiao, a new student of the Class of 2020 from the Economic Law School says excitedly “when I heard the President mention me in his speech, for a moment, I had a strong sense of belonging. Recalling the three years at high school, the pain, fatigue and difficulties experienced in order to get into SWUPL ...... all worth it.”

  “At the ceremony, I could feel the SWUPL’s spirit of critical thinking and being well-prepared. As a new student of the Class of 2020, I want to study hard, behave with integrity, work attentively and live up to life”, says Lei Chunyan, a new student of Class 2020 from the School of Journalism and Communication.

  Zhou Minyu, a new student of Class 2020 from the School of Law, says that “being in the grand atmosphere of the opening ceremony, I could feel the SWUPL’s unique culture. I hope I can start a new journey in SWUPL and become a useful lawyer to the society”.

Wearing the school badge for the new students (Photo by He Ming)

  The opening ceremony also held a ceremony to wear school badges for the new students. At the end of the ceremony, teachers and students sang the SWUPL’s school song. Amid the high and beautiful melody, the opening ceremony came to a successful end.