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“Run, SWUPL!” Activity was held successfully in Chongqing

group photo at terminal point (Source: He Ming)

the starting point (Source: He Ming)

alumni in running (Source: He Ming)

group photo (Source: He Ming)

  On the morning of June 13, the “Run, SWUPL!” activity held by Chongqing Alumni Association of Southwest University of Political Science and Law took place in Hongyan Village, Chongqing, where the campus of Southwest People's Revolution University was located in. The activity specially invited Jin Shenghua, a retired teacher of Criminal Investigation School of SWUPL, and Huang Tingxiao, who is one of alumni of SWUPL, and has worked in the school for 55 years. Wang Qun, the director of Alumni Office, presided over the launch ceremony, and Tan Cao, the executive vice president of Chongqing Alumni Association, paced the running with a school flag in his hand.

  "I love you! SWUPL!” In front of the Hong Yan Revolution Memorial Hall, alumni shouted to the sky. Jin Shenhua, the witness of the university’s transformation from Southwest People's Revolution University to Southwest University of Political Science and Law, told the alumni who participated in this activity that: "I wish the young generation of SWUPL can attempt to fight for glory. Young generation, fighting!"

  The running started from Southwest People's Revolutionary University, passed by Binjiang Road, the Millennium Town Ciqi Kou, the Red Crag Soul Square, and finally ended at the Shapingba campus which is under the Gele Mountain. In this historical route, the most impressive thing was the echo of the pulse of SWUPL’s 70 years’ history, and the most touching thing is the spirit of mutual assistance. In this activity, alumni can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and feel the SWUPL spirit of standing with the school together regardless of situation.

  "I report to my alma mater in Chongqing!" After 49 minutes’ running, Wan Hongping arrived at terminal point, the gate of Shapingba campus of SWUPL at 10:42 am. In addition, he is the first alumni to finish running, and he said excitedly that the running is significantly meaningful, and the school not only teaches me knowledge, but also gives me the love for life, confidence and courage to struggle. Chen Jianglian, the first woman to arrive at the finishing point, was struggled with her hamstring injury during running, and finished third in this activity.

  Besides, this activity also had many couple participants. Yao Lan and Wang Kai met in SWUPL, and SWUPL also witnessed their love and success. After running, the organizer gave special recognition to the top 10 contestants. Many alumni said that the activity was successful, and they  enjoyed it big time. Moreover, it ws meaningful to celebrate almamater's 70th anniversary in this way.

  Chongqing Alumni Association, Alumni Events Dissemination Center organized a group of Volunteers consisted by alumni and students, and set up two supply points along the running route. Volunteers dressed in "SWUPL" T-shirt, held Chinese flags to cheer the participants on, and provided drinking water.

  At the same time, the "Run, SWUPL" activities were also held all over the world such as Beijing, Sydney, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai, Harbin. And the alumni around the world all celebrate the 70th anniversary of their almamater.