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SWUPL Students Achieved Outstanding Results in the China Division of the 7th Global College Students' International Trade and Business Competition

Group photo of prize winners (Source: School of Economics)

Certificates (Source: School of Economics)

Jointly hosted by Commercial Sub-Council of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Commercial Chamber of Commerce of China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), the China Division of the 7th Global College Students' International Trade and Business Competition was recently held. Four teams organized by School of Economics of SWUPL gained excellent achievements, including a special prize in the graduates' group as well as a first prize, a second prize and a third prize in the undergraduates' group. Instructor Guo Suwen, Gao Hao, Lin Yongqiang and Yu Wenchao won the Outstanding Instructor Award. SWUPL also won the Best Organization Award for Institutions.


It was known that CCPIT Commercial Sub-Council and CCOIC Commercial Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the competition, in order to promote professional exchanges and collaborations in economic and trade education among colleges and universities and enhance students' comprehensive application level of professional knowledge and the ability of academic research in international economics and trade and business. The competition set up four themes covering International Economic and Trade Policy, International Trade Practice, International Finance, International Enterprise Management and International Marketing. Teams winning the special prize as well as the first prize would take part in the final of 2020 Global College Students' International Trade and Business Competition.


School of Economics attached great importance to this professional competition. Relying on the 2019 First-Class International Business Talent Cultivation Training Camp, one of the innovation and entrepreneurship education training projects in SWUPL, School of Economics set up a special guiding group of teachers and designed processes and rules in the intramural competition, which were concretely implemented by the guiding group. Upon the competition announcement on June 3rd, students actively participated in the contest with their teams, forming a total of 10 teams. With the intention of ensuring the quality of the selected teams, the guiding group firstly held the preliminary and evaluated the 10 teams anonymously from September 23rd to 24th. At last, 4 teams were selected to take part in the competition.