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Delegation of Overseas Headmasters Visited SWUPL

Group photo  (Source: International Cooperation and Exchange Office)

On the afternoon of August 26th, invited to Chong Qing for 2019 Smart China Expo, representatives of overseas partner schools Pho Kaung, President of University of Yangon (UY), Vice President Thaung Htike, Teacher Hlaing Win, Yoshichika Honda, Professor of Hiroshima University (HU) and Teacher Ge Hong visited SWUPL. Fu Zitang, President of SWUPL, met the guests at No.1 Meeting Room of Qin Ye Building. Zhang Xiaojun, Dean of School of International Law, Guo Meisong, Head of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Yan Fei, Deputy Dean of School of Law attended the symposium.

President Fu warmly welcomed the delegation of overseas headmasters, who came to Chong Qing to attend the 2019 Smart China Expo. He expected that SWUPL, HU and UY could strengthen major construction including Law, expand cooperation and communication in talent cultivation, teacher exchanges, academic communication, scientific research collaboration and so on.

Pho Kaung, President of University of Yangon, commented that 2019 Smart China Expo was of great significance of reference and highly praised SWUPL’s achievement of rule-of-law talent cultivation. UY would learn from SWUPL’s experience to enhance Burmese talent cultivation based on rule of law and deepen its cooperation with SWUPL. Yoshichika Honda, Professor of Hiroshima University, said HU would consider Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education as an opportunity to promote exchanges and cooperation with SWUPL and other universities in southwest China. He also welcomed SWUPL to set up research center in HU and promised that special offices would be provided for SWUPL students and teachers as facility support for the research center.