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Dean of School of Economics Law of Martin Luther University Professor Christoph Kumpan Visited SWUPL

On May 21st, Professor Christoph Kumpan, Dean of School of Economics Law of Martin Luther University, visited School of International Education. Qin Jie, Dean of School of International Education, Li Tingting, Counsellor of international students, Yin Xiaoling, a representative of Chinese teachers and Zou Dan, the project leader, attended the meeting.

At the symposium, Dean Qin welcomed Professor Christoph Kumpan and introduced the study and life of MLU students in SWUPL. She noted that German exchange students who came to SWUPL each year have injected new vitality into the campus, and that exchange students would from both schools spread throughout legal fields in the world after graduation. Qin also hoped that the two sides would further expand cooperation including the LL.M. program in the future. 

Professor Christoph Kumpan said he was delighted to collaborate with SWUPL. German students still have deep feelings to SWUPL when they returned home and hoped to study in SWUPL again. He said Martin Luther University strictly selected students to study in SWUPL every year. 17 outstanding students selected this year would visit SWUPL for a one-semester exchange program this fall.

Li Tingting, Yin Xiaoling and Zou Dan also gave feedback to Professor Christoph Kumpan on the study and life of exchange students. Finally, Dean Qin said that SWUPL would continue to improve and strengthen the level of management and service for foreign students, hoping that German exchange students can learn and enjoy their life in SWUPL.