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Lecture of New Perspectives on Media: the Survival of NPR Public Network

At the scene of the lecture  (Source: Xu Qiao)

Professor Abramson was answering questions (Source: Xu Qiao)

On the morning of April 17th, Professor Lawrence David Abramson from University of Montana gave a lecture on "American Public Media -- Take NPR for Example" at 1001 meeting room of Jing Ye Building. 70 undergraduates from School of Global Journalism and Communication attended the lecture. Teacher Gu Li accompanied them and acted as a translator to explain the contents of this lecture.

Before the lecture, Professor Abramson made an introduction about himself and University of Montana, including Montana's location and surroundings. He later interacted and communicated with attendees in the style of American classroom. The atmosphere of the lecture was very harmonious. Professor Abramson answered questions such as "How much do Americans know about China", "WHAT IS OUR JOB" and used NPR as an example to explain the new broadcast media business model -- a non-profit public network without advertisements. All Funds by voluntary contributions from its audience meant the NPR platform provided "conscientious news". A total of five students raised questions about the content to the lecturer. Professor Abramson answered carefully and played an audio, allowing the attendees to get the answer in audio and language.

At the end of the lecture, some students had continued to communicate with Professor Abramson and Mr. Gu. They answered their questions in patience,which benefited students a lot.