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SWUPL Convened a Symposium on the Construction of German Major of School of Foreign Language

At the scene of the symposium (Source: He Ming)

At 2:30 pm of April 4th, the symposium about construction of German major of School of Foreign Language was held at the third conference room of Qin Ye Building. Yue Caishen, Vice President of SWUPL, Zhang Jianwen, Head of Office of Academic Affairs, Guo Meisong, Head of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Li Lihong, Secretary of the Party Committee as well as Dean of School of Foreign Language, Lv Liang, Deputy Head of Office of Academic Affairs, Zhu Yuanqing and Cao Zhijian, Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Language, Zhang Shaoquan, who was in charge of German major declaration, teacher representatives of German and studying abroad in Germany, Lei Yong, Xu Yixiang, Shi Ping, Jiang Shasha, Yang Peilu and other comrades attended the symposium. Dean Li Lihong hosted the symposium.

In the beginning, Deputy Dean Zhu yuanqing introduced the application process of German major and interpreted the professional talent training program. Zhang jianwen, Guo Meisong and lv liang put forward their suggestions on discipline construction, international exchanges and students enrollment respectively. Teacher representatives also expressed their opinions. Vice President Yue Caishen summarized the meeting and raised three requirements on the construction of German major:

Firstly, a clear positioning of personnel training is needed. We should focus on fostering the core competitiveness of students;

Secondly, we should emphasize the quality of talent cultivation and ensure that the process and results of cultivation are up to the standard in all areas.

Thirdly, we should highlight the characteristics of talent training and explore the innovation of professional talents training mode and system.

At the end of the symposium, Vice President Yue extended his congratulation and gratitude to all comrades who had made great efforts to the application of German major, and hoped that all participators could make persistent efforts to jointly run the German major.