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Food and Drink Services

  The school has three canteens: Beiyuan, Dongyuan and Xiyuan. The canteens are specially equipped with halal canteen, Hong Kong Style Tea restaurant and other theme restaurants, ranging from public meals to self selected meals and small hot pot. In addition to the daily three meals, the canteen also carefully launched the night menu for the hungry students after the night study.



  There are some delicious specialties in SWUPL named Barbecue rice, bam fish, fried rice. There are not only  local food in SWUPL but also food from all over the country so that you can definitely get the quintessence of all kinds of food. There’s a bakery outside of the canteen, baking and selling enjoyable and nutritious bread.We also set three markets just next to the three canteen, you can get both your snacks and household items there.

  The opening of the West Main Street outside the south gate provides a new option for students to eat. Sushi, dry pot, barbecue and other delicacies are good choices for the weekend.