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  “Tongue in mouth and pen in hand” is our ability to cultivate political and legal talents, once wittily summarized by Hu Guang, the second Dean of the University. The best way to achieve this goal is undoubtedly debates. As a high-level law-based university with distinctive characteristics and coordinated development of multiple disciplines, its diverse background, free spirit and the pursuit of critical thinking have elevated debate culture to one essential component of campus culture in SWUPL.

  The systematic development of the University’s debating activities is marked by the establishment of the university's Speech and Debate Association. Founded in 1983, the Speech and Debate Association has a total of more than 10,000 members, and was awarded in 2005 by the Central Committee of the Youth League, Ministry of Education and All-China Students' Federation as Top 100 Student Associations. In 1995, the Chinese Debating Team was established. Since then, the University has established the Model United Nations Association and the International Law Moot Court Association, opening up debating in foreign languages and professional debating activities.

  Chinese debates, foreign-language debates, professional debates, speeches and recitations, and forums are all part of the rich and colorful debate life of the University.

  Among the Chinese debates, “Tianlun Cup” Campus Debating Competition and “Tianlun Cup” National Political Science and Law Schools Debating Competition are the most representative Chinese debates in our University, enjoying a high status and reputation for its wide influence, complete rules, and fairness. In addition, the debating tournaments held since 2004 on a yearly basis attract widening participation and outputs, realizing “popularization” of Chinese debates on campus.

  Over the years, the Chinese debate team's participation in many debating competitions at all levels on behalf of our University has achieved outstanding results, including winning the championship of the 8th China Famous Universities Debating Invitational Tournament, the championship of the Cross-Strait Universities Debating Competition on World Exhibition 2010, and the championship of the “Tianlun Cup” National Political Science and Law Schools Debating Competition.

  Foreign language debates are represented by the development of Model United Nations activities. The University has long held campus Model United Nations activities and English speech competitions to cultivate students' English application skills, and participation in the international model United Nations competitions has yielded good results.

  The professional debating activities are special debating activities in a certain professional field such as “Moot Court” and “Commercial Arbitration”, among which the National WTO Moot Court Competition (English) and “Zhixinheng Cup” Campus Moot Court Competition (Chinese) are two of the representative events, with emphasis on examining students’mastery and application of professional knowledge. Over the years, our University's representative teams have won the championship in National LILV CUP Moot Court Competition, CIETAC CUP International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition, National University Mock Trial Competition and the National WTO Moot Court Competition.

  Forum activities are also an important part of our University's debating activities, and we have formed a forum system with “China's Great Judges Forum”, “China’s Great Prosecutors Forum”, “Southwest Law Forum”, and “Jinkai Forum” as the center, and graduate student and undergraduate student forums as two wings.

  Our university has formed a relatively complete system of debating culture characterized by effective combination of official and private events, complementation between Chinese and English events, coordination between university-level debates and school-level and grade-level debates, and mutual reinforcement between competitive debating and forum activities. At the same time, the debating culture has been integrated with teaching practice by not only offering relevant courses, but also penetrating into daily teaching activities, which has received attention from Phoenix TV, Chongqing Business Daily, Shenzhen Evening News and other media.

  Under its influence, our University's debating culture has achieved remarkable effects, sending a large number of highly qualified talents to the society with significantly improved professional quality and greatly enhanced competitiveness in employment.