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Medical Insurance

  Medical Guideline

  There are 2 hospitals within 1km of school—the school hospital of SWUPL and Social Service Center located in Huixing, Yubei District, which are very convenient for you to get diagnosis and treatment. Those comprehensive hospitals, though a little bit further, are also recommend for their good medical level. They are the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, People’s hospital of Yubei District, Chongqing,etc.


  We strongly suggest that all new coming international students buy the International Students’ Comprehensive Insurance below provided by China Ping’an Insurance Company Ltd, an insurance coverage commended by Chinese Ministry of Education. According to Chinese exit-entry laws and regulations, Students who stay in SWUPL for more than half a year shall buy that insurance.

  Insurance Premium

  Using Method

  Step1.Query insurance via cell phones

  You should query via WeChat and subscribe to the WeChat ID:LHXBX1314, and then log in with your own passport number.

  Please make sure your insurance is valid. If it expires, please extend it ASAP.

  Step2.Using method

  If you are indisposed, you are supposed to go to Yubei District people’s hospital for medical treatment. After that, dial 4008105119 and you will have to take different actions according to your symptoms. If outpatient treatment is enough for you to pick up your health, just prepay the fee first and courier case information to the rescue company for repayment. If you are really in need of hospitalization, you should submit a power of attorney and a copy pf the passport, enabling the company payment in advance.