Foreign Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Visited SWUPL for Research

Author: Cao Yubing, Wang Han Source: college news center

2019-04-02 11:00:00


At the scene of the forum (Source: He Ming)

The group photo (Source: He Ming)

On the morning of March 15th, Director Li Qian, the secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of Foreign Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, and his delegation visited SWUPL to investigate the development of the school's foreign affairs work and listen to the introduction about related work's demands. President of SWUPL Fu Zitang, Vice President of SWUPL Yue Caishen and directors from related units attended the symposium.

"Chongqing will build an International Exchange Center in Midwest and SWUPL should seize the opportunity." said Director Li, "Depending on China-ASEAN Legal Research Center and Cultivation unit of National high-end human rights think tank construction, SWUPL can create highlights of Chongqing's diplomacy , build working pattern for ‘Great Foreign Affairs', promote the level of regional internationalization and serve the country's overall foreign policy" He also hoped the Foreign Affairs Office and SWUPL could realize advantageous complementarity and resource sharing, together promote the Opening up Development of Chongqing and academic exchanges between China and foreign countries.

President Fu Zitang gave a brief introduction about the history of school running, discipline construction as well as achievement international exchange and cooperation of SWUPL. He pointed out that SWUPL had played a positive role in legal diplomacy currently. SWUPL planned to create exchange channel Highlights on diplomatic work, including China-ASEAN legal research, human rights research and so on, in the foreign cooperation module. Meanwhile, he hoped that SWUPL's exchange channel for talents "going out and inviting in" might be smoother to boost SWUPL's "Double First-Class" construction.

At the forum, Guo Meisong, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Zhang Yonghe, Executive Dean of Institute of Human Rights, Zhang Xiaojun, Dean of School of International Law, and Qin Jie, Dean of School of International Education respectively made their special reports,including international cooperative education, human rights research, construction of China-ASEAN Legal Research Center, education of overseas students and so forth.

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