Chongqing Team Consisting of Teachers and Students from SWUPL Won the Championship in the Third National University Students Debate Competition

Author: Lin Yixin Source: Youth League Committee of SWUPL

2018-12-24 11:56:00

At the scene of the competition  (Source: Youth League Committee)

Group photo  (Source: Youth League Committee)

From November 28th to December 3rd, the third"Learning the Constitution and Discussing the Constitution" National University Debate Competition hosted by Ministry of Education, was held in Beijing. Chongqing team consisting of teachers and students from SWUPL debating team stood out from 33 teams from different provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities as well as two special administrative regions and entered the final. After defeating the debate team of Macau by an overwhelming margin, SWUPL team won the championship. It was the first national championship in official debate competitions SWUPL debating team got since it gained the championship in the Expo Cup Debate Competition in 2010.

It is reported that, SWUPL debating team went through several selections in Chongqing and finally stood out from 41 teams, winning the qualification to compete in the national final representing Chongqing. 

In the competition, SWUPL team defeated the teams of Shanxi, Yunnan, Shanxi, Beijing and Shanghai successively and met Macau team in the final, Then SWUPL team won a landslide victory with 12 pointed to 3, and won the championship.

It's reported that the constitution-related activity is based on the theme of revering, studying, observing, upholding and using the constitution, which aims to carry forward the spirits of the constitution, preserve the authority of it and make its spirits deeply rooted in people's hearts. 

Appendix: The list of teachers and students participating in the competition. 

Coach: Wang Anbai, professor of School of Marxism. 

Instructor: Zhang Yujie, teacher of School of Politics and Public Administration.

Contestants: Chu Zenan, 2016 Master student of School of Civil and Commercial Law.

Zou Ning, 2017 undergraduate of Business School. 

Ma Jieyi, 2017 undergraduate of School of Civil and Commercial Law. 

Chen Yongle, 2017 undergraduate of School of Civil and Commercial Law.

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