Schools and Disciplines

Southwest university of political science and law in China's Yangtze river upstream region of chongqing municipality directly under the central government, is the earliest established colleges and universities of political science and law, the national first batch of key university after the reform and open policy, the national first batch of outstanding legal talent education training base, the ministry of education and the chongqing municipal people's government to build colleges and universities.

After 65 years hard work, the school adhere to the "erudite, thick, and heavy method" of the west government school motto, adhere to the "teaching school, talent hing school, strong scientific research school, the school," the school idea, concise out step by step "heart world, unyielding, works together, rigorous truth-seeking" the spirit of western politics.

Existing pearls campus and YuBei campus, covers an area of 3000 mu. Among them, the YuBei campus for undergraduate and graduate education teaching center; Pearls campus for continuing education and cadre training base. Existing school students 25000 people, the staff more than 2300 people.

School has formed is given priority to with law, philosophy, literature, economics, management, engineering and other multi-disciplinary coordinated development, the economic law and procedure law subjects for the national key disciplines. From undergraduate to master, doctor graduate student education and continuing education, education for international students such as multi-level and multi-type of talent training pattern. Presently is equipped with school of civil and commercial law, economic law school, school of law, administrative law, international law, criminal investigation institute, school of management, school of economics, foreign language institute, school of journalism, politics and public management institute, school of marxism, the application of law, master of law institute 14, has enrolled unripe, high level athletes, the inland Tibetan classes, XinJiangBan, Hong Kong, Macao and mainland joint preparatory program admission, an exemption, Hong Kong macau unripe and independent admission qualification.

School, excellent educational tradition, the abundant strength, a wide range of social awareness as well as the outstanding contributions in students in national construction, make the society of the phenomenon of "the west".

Over the past 65 years, the school more than 20 at various levels and of talent cultivation, most colleges and universities is the national culture of the