Performance of Students Abroad on “Confucius Institute Day” on 10th Anniversary

Representatives of students abroad performed Chinese Kung Fu



SWUPL News  Chong Qing Education committee held a series of activities to celebrate Confucius Institute 10th Construction Anniversary using “Confucius Institute Day” as theme in Teaching Building Area A in Chong Qing University with South University of Political Science and Law, Southwest Communication University, Southwest University, Sichuan Forejgn University, Chong Qing Teachers Univerdity, Bashu University and other universities.


These activities were Confucius Institute’ s opening ceremony, its construction and management conference, Chinese culture interaction activities and 10th anniversary pictures show. Representatives of the students abroad from our school performed Chinese Kung Fu and they were very handsome. Their perfect combination of knives and swords, power and beauty won the audience’ warm applause. Students from Vietnam not only participated Kung Fu show, but also expressed his own Chinese dream and his best wish for China-Vietnam friendship by recitation.


It is said that Chong Qing had constructed 14 Confucius Institutes, 112 Confucius classes and a Chinese teaching demonstration school in 13 countries all over the five continents. Confucius Institute’ s headquarter had constructed 463 Confucius Institutes and 714 Confucius classes in 123 countries and areas.