Two teachers of Confucius Institute Participating 7th National Chinese Conference

SWUPL News  The 7th National Chinese Conference was held in Los Angeles in the United States from May 8 to 10. Professor Ni Qingquan and teacher Liu Xiaoling of Confucius Institute at University of Montana participated this conference.


This conference was organized by Confucius Institute’s headquarters, National Chinese Office and American Asia Society and American Collegeboard. It was themed by  “Chinese Inclusiveness and Communications”. The main participants were officals of government and education department in United States, principals of major primary and high schools, Chinese teaching professors and the presidents and teachers of all Confucius Institute.


Former Australian Prime Kevin Rudd was invited to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech in Chinese. He explained Chinese and Chinese culture’ role in today’s international affairs, and shared his personal experience when learning Chinese. Confucius Institute’ s headquarter, National Chinese Director Xu Lin, American Collegeboard Chairman David Coleman and Asia Society Chairman Josette Sheeran held three party forum on the scene of opening ceremony. They shared their successful experience in the process of promoting Chinese project, talked about how to train the students to be global managers by language learning and looked forwarded to China- American future exchange.


Xu Lin, David Coleman and Josette Sheeran’ three party forum on the scene of opening ceremony.



This conference included 5 plenary sessions and 75 chapters. Many issues were paid to extensive attention, such as, translating Chinese literary works and introducing to the whole world, how to improve Chinese teaching quality, how to promote American Chinese teaching to further develop. Everyone thought that these major issues had a close link with developmental trend of American Chinese teaching and current situation, and provided a good platform for the teachers who teach Chinese in American major schools exchanging experience and ideas.


Ni Qingquan and Liu Xiaoling were on the scene



This conference aimed at promoting Chinese teaching and enhancing the students’ international competition, and it was the largest conference for talking and studying Chinese teaching. Since 2008, this conference was held every year. At present, there were more than 100 Confucius Institutes and more than 300 Confucius classes. At the same time, the enrollment has reached 220,000 in United States, which has the maximum number of students.