Successful Performance in 2015 Spring Festival Party of Confucius Institute at University of Montana

SWUPL News  Golden python went through the cloud, and purple horse comes with snow. On February 2, 2014, students activity center at University of Montana was full of people, and very lively. With the annual Spring Festival party of Confucius Institute coming, we also presented a feast of Chinese culture for the local students and people.


Except the principals of primary and high schools in Missoula, the students and their parents, and local Chinese people, the local community citizens also came here, who were standing in the corridor and the hall entrance. Missoula mayor John Engen, University of Montana president Royce Engstrom and Mansfield Center director Abraham Kim were all present and delivered exciting speeches. New American ambassador to China, Mr. Baucus was unable to be present, but he recorded a video to bring Spring Festival’s blessing for everyone.



Along with the beautiful music, several American students in Chinese clothes or national costume walked slowly onto the stage, their skirts fluttering in the air. They sometimes gathered lapel, sometimes brandished sleeve. Their solemn expression and elegant manners suddenly made the noisy hall be quiet. The “mysterious China”, a Chinese national costume show performed by each high school’ s students, opened the prelude for the party.



Next, a series of wonderful song and dance shows made all the audience be dizzying. Hellgate High School students’ The Most Beautiful National Style made the audience fell the atmosphere of youth and the charm of pop music. Loyola High School’s Beautiful Prairie,My Home and Anne of Big High School Sea, My hometown also satisfied everyone’s appetite. These familiar melody and beautiful songs conveyed deep felling of hometown. Everyone was absorbed in it and shared this music feast.



Four students of Hellgate High School showed two tongue twisters with their self-props. Their clear pronunciation and humor made the audience laugh.




Ellen from Sentinel High School performed trumpet solo Snail and Oriole, and her happy tones and exquisite performance made the audience cheer continuously. Putting down the trumpet, she and her classmates presented a poetry recitation Farewell to Kang Qiao. Their calm and elegance made the audience fell the soft green waves in the river Kang, which was across the ocean, rippling in everyone’s heart.



A dozen primary students from Paxson School performed chorus with their sweet sound and pure pronunciation, Happy New Year, Find Friends, Happy Birthday, Where Are My Friends and so on. Present parents and audience all amazed when listening these familiar songs. All the audience applauded continuously to express their appreciation... Maybe these children will grow to be messengers to promote China and American cultural exchange. Maybe we can see our future in their songs.




In order to increase the festival atmosphere, Confucius Institute’s teachers also carefully arranged an interactive game. All the audience took active part in it, and put up hands to answer these questions. Who got the right answers were very happy and showed their prizes to others. The people who haven’t right answers didn’t be discouraged and continued to answer. This game pushed the party atmosphere to a climax.


The end was teachers’ performance. The US president of Confucius Institute Chen Shuhan’ song Miss Dong attracted continuous applause and cheer and the Chinese president of Confucius Institute Ni Qingquan with his teammates performed 24 Taiji. Their soft and powerful, natural and elegant movements made themselves like a Taiji master and won the unanimous praise. After that, the party ended in the prolonged applause, which represents understanding, friendship and love.




It was a considerable challenge for the students of Confucius Institute to undertake the most of programs in this year’s party, who just learned Chinese for one year, even a few months, but they were all courageous and confident. Their clam gesture and pure pronunciation in the limelight conquered all the audience and won continuous and warm applause. Just as a local TV station the next day, it is reported that this party of Confucius Institute is not only these local Chinese learners’ talent show, but also a window, by which local popular audience can contact and appreciate Chinese culture.


In fact, local medium paid close attention to this party during their preparation. On that day, many reporters of local major medium in Montana and Missoula took photography, or recorded video, or interviewed to present this cultural events from different angels, which brought spiritual and cultural enjoyment for the local people. On February 3, the largest newspaper in Missoula reported this activities on its front page. Subsequently, Montana TV station, Missoula website and other medium had a report and deep analysis on it from various angels.


This successful New Year’ party of Confucius Institute brought New Year’s greetings for the local people, promoted Confucius Institute’s influence in the local and spread widely Chinese culture. It will promote Confucius Institute’s teaching and cultural activities to be successful in the future.