Chinese culture in Missoula Record of a Series of Cultural Activities of Mid-autumn Festival at Confucius Institute at University of Montana

SWUPL News  In order to celebrate annual Mid-autumn Festival and disseminate Chinese traditional culture, Confucius Institute at University of Montana carried out a series of colorful cultural activities in Missoula in September 2012, which was welcomed warmly by local community citizens.


On September 16th, Confucius Institute gave Chinese calligraphy lecture and Taiji performance at local China Wood.


Professor Ni introduced the development of characters, different calligraphy styles, main streams and their representatives and famous calligraphers. He also emphasized calligraphy’s art and tradition and its relationship with self-cultivation. After the lecture, he performed calligraphy and interacted with the audience. Many audience took active part in it and experienced writing characters with brush to feel its charm. Finally, professor Ni performed Taiji boxing and sword on the requirements of the audience. The audience said that they knew about Chinese calligraphy, but also contacted Chinese history and Kung Fu. When they left, they took away their own calligraphy works.


Students who learned Chinese at University of Montana visited Confucius Institute on September 20 understood its history, function, book materials and the origin and some customs of Mid-autumn Festival. They also communicated with professor Ni in Chinese when drinking tea.


Mid-autumn Festival cultural experience on September 27 was an important part of this activity. It was themed by “making Chinese moon cakes and telling mid-autumn stories” and there were many activities, such as, making moon cakes, paper cutting, candle painting, writing and painting.


This activity began with the origin of Mid-autumn Festival and its stories. Yan Zhuyu of Confucius Institute introduced the origin of Mid-autumn Festival and told some interesting stories. The citizens felt it mysterious and raised many questions about Cheng’e Flying to the Moon. Then, under the guidance of teachers of Confucius Institute and American Barbara, they were divided into a few groups, some making moon cakes, some cutting paper, some doing candle painting, some writing and painting. The atmosphere was very exciting. They were very proud when eating the self-made moon cakes.


On September 29, there were some competitions designed for children, such as, paper cutting, using chopsticks and so on. Under the guidance of teachers, children learned paper cutting and using chopsticks carefully. After learning well, they were divided into two groups to compete. The competition was so fierce that parents couldn’t helping participating in it.


This activity was welcomed by local citizens and made a success because of its various programs and forms.