Ms. Chen Xiangmei Met Professor Ni Qingquan of SWUPL in America


Chairwoman Chen Xiangmei(2nd right), Professor Ni Qingquan(1st right), some teachers of Confucius Institute


SWUPL News  On April 12,the dean on the Chinese side of Confucius Institute at the University of Montana and Professor Ni Qingquan visited Madam Chen Xiangmei, who was Chairman of the US Council of the international cooperation and the late General Chen Nade’s wife. Professor Ni briefly introduced the character and mission, especially introduced operation of Confucius Institute in American and at the University of Montana. Professor Ni also souvenir to Ms. Chen and Chairman Chen achieved the souvenir and the work of Confucius Institute, she also appreciated Confucius Institute and SWUPL because that they devoted themselves to transmit Chinese culture and promote the friendship between China and America.


Background information:Ms. Chen Xiangmei is famous the late General Chen Nade’s wife and Chairman of the US Council of the International Cooperation. She is a positively social and shows her concern over the relationship between China and American, Who is honoured as “the folk ambassador between China and American”.