Confucius Institute Passed Chinese New Year’s Blessing in America






SWUPL News  At six o’clock in the afternoon of January 21, the meeting hall of Missoula Preterian church was full of laughter and extremely lively along with fluent or blunt “Congratulation”. The 2012 Spring Festival party to all the local people pulled prelude, which was organized by Confucius Institute at University of Montana.


Confucius Institute president Ni Qingquan, doctor Otto and the university president Miss Mary delivered exciting speeches to express their New Year’s blessing and good wishes to everyone. And then the party began. All the guests tasted the authentic Chinese food and appreciated the characteristic programs.


The first program was Taiji performed by high school students dressed in Chinese traditional Taiji costume under the leadership of Ni Qingquan. And then female teachers presented Chinese traditional cheongsam and Han costume. The following was a group of beautiful female students’ professional Tibet dancing, ballet Bai Mao Nv and Jasmine. The children sang Let us Go Boating and two handsome boys performed Taekwondo. Chen Suhan in Han costume played guitar and sang Outside World and Those Flowers. Fuinally Professor Ni performed Taiji with a sword and won continuous applause.


At eight o’clock in the evening, the party ended. But the guests were still exciting and unwilling to leave. They hugged and talked with each other to express their interest in Chinese culture.