Chinese Cultural Treasure Show on “Confucius Institute Day” in University of Montana

SWUPL News  As the final important cultural activities of celebrating “Confucius Institute Day” in University of Montana, the party once again presented a cultural feast to the local people at students activity center in University of Montana. It was themed by “Chinese cultural treasure” and presented Chinese Kung Fu, traditional instruments and music, classical songs, national dances as well as the local Indian dance, cowboy dance, which reflected Chinese-American cultural integration and friendship of both countries.


Before the performance, the whole hall in the third floor was full of people and extremely lively, as well as the corridor and entrance. They watched the Chinese characteristic polychrome, lanterns and knots, meanwhile, looked forward to the beginning of the party.



With the music of powerful Chinese Kung Fu, a handsome figure appeared on the stage. Among the audience’s cheers, a soft, powerful and beautiful Taiji Fan pulled the prelude. Seeing the dance standing or lying down and his natural movements, the audience suddenly calmed down, their eyes always in that dancing figure. When they were absorbed in it, a powerful boxing sound awakened them, suddenly, the warm applause echoing in the hall. This old and mysterious Miao jia Kung Fu show made the Missoula people witness the profound Chinese Kung Fu.


The following was Jin Hua’ s Gu zheng solo “Yu Zhou Chang Wan”, who was from Confucius Institute. Her graceful melody and rhythm brought the audience into a beautiful picture.


With a familiar sound “Big news! Big news!”, the students from Hellgate High School waved newspaper in hands and walked onto the stage. “lalala lalala, I’m the export of selling newspapers.” The bright music and students’ clear pronunciation pulled the audience back to modern from distant history. Next was Bigsky High School students’ Farewell. Their soulful performance brought people into a time of cultural collision and fusion of China and Western, also presented us the charm of culture and art through time and space.



Students song Let us Go Boating


Music can be through time and space, but the memory for youth was people’s resonance of different nations and different cultural backgrounds all over the world. Sentinel High School students’ song Let us Go Boating in their special way. Beautiful and clear song, and flexible jumping rubber band and square games made the audience fell childhood’ joy and happiness. The US president of Confucius Institute Suhan sang Those Flowers with Guitar and won continuous applause and cheers.


Students of Summer Camp also walked to the stage to show their love and affection for Chinese language and culture. Male and female duet Two tigers let this Chinese familiar song become more elegant. The sad violin and piano concerto The Butterfly Lovers made audience drop tears, while the happy piano solo Sun Flowers made people laugh. Along with the programs, the audience experienced happiness and sadness of life again and again under the actors’ leadership. All these again proved the collision and fusion between different arts and cultures.



Students performed Women Army


With the graceful music and host’s affectionate explanation, these actress started to perform Baimao and Women Army with their graceful dance and flexible body language to vividly present Chinese women’ s misery and perseverance. Moreover, dancers of the local Indian Dance in Missoula showed to the audience two characteristic dance: Indian traditional dancing and Montana cowgirl hunting.


Finally, the party came to an end with Hellgate High School students’ song Little Apple. Students’ energetic and powerful dancing urged audience to walk on to the stage to dance with them happily. This Chinese popular song was also across the ocean and overcame barriers in culture and language to light people’ passion in Missoula. Dancers were energetic, and audience were lit up.


Party came to en end with the continuous applause,which represented understanding, friendship and love. Confucius Institute provided a cultural feast for the local people, which fused the classical and the modern, tradition and fashion, and Chinese and Western culture.


In order to welcome the first global “Confucius Institute Day” and celebrate Confucius Institute Construction 10th Anniversary, Confucius Institute at University of Montana organized a Series of activities from September 9, such as, cultural experience, music lecture, opera appreciation... The local people can have a deep understanding of Chinese culture by these interesting activities. The party on the evening of October 3 pushed this celebration activity to the climax. People from different nations, different backgrounds and different cultures got together to share their happiness on this stage in their own language. It was a real practice of the cultural essence “harmony but not sameness”, which was advocated by ancient philosophers two thousand years ago.