2014 Spring Festival Party at Confucius Institute at University of Montana




SWUPL News  Confucius Institute at University of Montana held 2014 Spring Festival party and students talent show at students activity center, full of people and colorful lights. There were more than 400 people gathering here to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival, including University of Montana president, East Asia Study Center director, principals of primary and high schools in Missoula, students and their parents, local Chinese and citizens who love Chinese culture.


University of Montana president Royce Engstrom and East Asia Study Center director Abraham Kim delivered exciting speeches. They spoke highly of last year’ work of Confucius Institute, affirmed Confucius Institute’ positive role in spreading culture, and hoped to further strengthen the friendly relationship between Chinese and American people. Montana governor Steve Bullock recorded a video to express New Year’s greetings to everyone, and his good wishes suddenly lit up the whole atmosphere, continuous applause and cheers echoing in the whole hall. Next, teachers and students of Confucius Institute and other actors presented an art feast one after another.


The first was US president Suhan Chen and other two teachers’ Chinese fan dancing Red. “Tai Hu is very beautiful...”, with the beautiful music, the combination of red flying silk fans and Chinese lanterns and knots pulled the happy prelude.


Some little friends of Paxson and Lewis &Clark Primary School sang many Chinese songs on the stage, such as, Little Star, Happy New Year, Clapping Song and Where is Dad. Although they just learned Chinese for two months, they won continuous applause with their pure pronunciation and energetic performance.


“What a beautiful jasmine, what a beautiful jasmine... ”, Flathead High School Varsity Women’ Choir’ children brought them to Jiang Nan, and we seemed to smell jasmine’ fragrance in the air...


After that, an American girl Liu Sanjie with gold hair and green eyes appeared on the stage. All the audience thought that her song was amazing and applauded for her.


Students of Rocky Mountain Ballet Theater showed ballet Baimao, Women’ s Army and Montana Cowboy Dancing. All these were perfect reflection of cultural collision between softness and power, eastern and western.


Students of Sentinel High School and Big High School sang Chinese classical songs Let us Go Boating and You and Me.


With the approach of ending, Chinese president Ni Qingquan and her teammates performed “24 Taiji” along with beautiful song Yu Zhou Chang Wan and won good reputation. Finally, a public high school students’ dance pushed the party to a climax, and created a happy ending.


The annual Spring Festival party was not only local Chinese learners’ talent show, but also a window, by which local people can contact and appreciate Chinese culture.