Southwest University of Political Science and Law and University of Montana Convened the First Board of Directors of Confucius Institute



The first board of directors of Confucius Institute:(School of Journalism and Communication)



Principal Fu Zitang and Principal of University of Montana Engstrom



All Members at the Council


SWUPL News  On March 29-April 1, Southwest University of Political Science And Law(SWUPL) and University of Montana convened the first board of directors of Confucius Institute. Representatives of SWUPL include Principal Fu Zitang,the dean on the Chinese side of Confucius Institute Professor Ni Qingquan, director of the school of Foreign Languages Zhang Shaoquan,director of the school of Journalism and Communication Li Pei,etc. Representatives of America include the dean on American side Professor Otto Koester,etc.


During the meeting, Dr Terry Weidner and Professor Otto Koester firstly reported the operation of Confucius Institute. They hoped that the friendship of SWUPL and The University of Montana can be consolidated and the cooperation with Law school,school of Journalism and Communication,and school of Foreign Language.SWUPL and the University of Montana worked together to manage Confucius Institute well.