Teachers and Students of Confucius Institute at University of Montana Celebrating Alma Mater’ s 60th Birthday


SWUPL News  With SWUPL 60th birthday coming, our school teachers sent to Montana and local students got together to celebrate its birthday and make good wishes for it.


The students spent much time to write “Hello” and “Happy Birthday to SWUPL”. Although what they wrote were not so beautiful, these students also wanted to say “hello” in Chinese to our five teachers and expressed their best wishes.


As the unique Confucius Instituted in the northwest of America, our school had opened Chinese credit course in Montana since its 2009 formal operation. In 2009-2010 year, there were nearly 140 high school students taking Chinese course by face-to-face and Internet course. This autumn, there were 48 students taking face-to-face course and 80 students taking Chinese Internet course, and the number was increasing. In addition to these Chinese courses, our school also held all kinds of cultural activities at local university, high school and community organizations to introduce Chinese culture and modern China. Up to now, the number of participating our activities has passed 10,000, which was a big percent, comparing the city’s whole population of 60,000. As a window of SWUPL, our Confucius Institute at University of Montana positively supported and promoted the exchange and cooperation projects between our school and University of Montana.


At present, our school had sent five teachers to Confucius Institute at University of Montana, Chinese president Qin Jie and four teachers, Chen Lidan, Zhu Xiaohua and Qin Xin. They were in the foreign land, but they cared alma mater’ s development very much. On this good moment of 60th birthday, we wished she had a happy birthday and her tomorrow would be better.