Criminal investigation:School of Criminal investigation

With long history, criminal investigation major is developed on the basis of criminal investigation department and laboratory after the merger of Southwest University of Political Science & Law and Central Public Security College in 1958. It set up the first criminal investigation undergraduate program in China and began to recruit postgraduates in 1984. It established master's degree in criminal investigation under the first level degree subject law in 2003.


The discipline’s research direction has unique features. In 30 years’ teaching career, it focused on the development of theory and practices and formed fairly complete professional research direction, which set up six research direction, including fundamental theory of science of criminal investigation,  criminal investigation strategy, economic crime investigation, post criminal investigation, material evidence technique and PLA security work.


The discipline has twenty-six master supervisors, including seven professors and nineteen associate professors. Seventeen teachers have doctor's degree. Tutorial staff has distinguished teaching ability and excellent expertise.


The master program has perfect award system, adequate funds as subsidy, rewards and financial aids for the outstanding students.


It has got over 1000 graduates. Employment rates reached 100% in the recent 5 years. Most of their employment fields are public security organs, procuratorial organs, national security organs, customs, Army, institutions of higher learning and research institutions. Postgraduates have high competence and working performance, receiving praises from employers unanimously.