The science of international law:the school of international law

To adapt to the need of talents who are internationalized, professionalized, composite and elite, to better adapt to the trend of market economy reform and opening to the outside world under the new situation of our country, to enrich, develop and maintain our country government and the enterprises' legitimate rights and interests of foreign-related legal talents. The school of international law and the science of international law in Southwest university of political science and law created the experimental classes for master majoring in international law and law master majoring in the direction of“foreign economic and trade law practical characteristic”Relying on the ministry of education "excellence international legal talents education training base", "China law society, China - asean high-end legal talent training base and" foreign-related legal talent education training base ", as well as the established close contact with four court and the supreme people's court, the ministry of foreign affairs of the treaty, China international economic and trade arbitration commission and a number of high-level foreign practice in southwest branch units, many famous foreign law firms and enterprises.Through the characteristics of practice teaching, practice base exercise, a unique academic platform, as well as the characteristics of overseas projects and learning characteristic,they aimed to provide the omni-directional, multi-level and wide cultivation of the basic theory of international law knowledge system for graduate student in the field and provide practical application experience of international economy and trade of comprehension and cumulative opportunity, making it the urgently needed high-end foreign-related economic legal talent in the practical institutions and government departments,who have broad international vision and innovative spirit, excellent professional knowledge , practical skills, and both ability and political integrity.