Science of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law: School of economic law

Science of environment and natural resources protection law is the worldwide popular discipline which is in the ascendant.


As early as the beginning of 20th 80s, Southwest University of Political Science and Law has start the teaching and research of environmental law. It was also one of the four units which had the stable teaching and research team at that time.


After the accumulation years by years, Science of environment and natural resources protection law owns the biggest research teams with pure academic atmosphere, rich research quality and frequent international communication.


All the team members achieved doctor's degree. Over 60% master supervisors had overseas studying experience. To help growth of students and lead the development of students, the discipline adheres to cooperative education, open education and pragmatic education through research funding, international exchange, field study, round-table conference, substantive experts training, which render the postgraduates to have deep academic skills, steady study style and outstanding communication skills.


The discipline set ups a long-term cooperative relation with CGN Power, Environmental Resources Division at all levels, government environmental protection and natural resource management sectors, American law firm Beveridge&Diamond, British law firm Macfarlanes and Jun He Law Office in Beijing, which creates a good condition for postgraduates’ internship and practical training.


We believe that life is not a destination, but a journey. Environment of law is the beginning to realize your dream!