The Science of Economic Law: The School of Economic Law

Economic law major belongs to the earliest open economic law major, it is evaluated as national key discipline by the department of the ministry of education. Economic law has a state-level teaching team, national fine course, state-level high-quality resources sharing, the teaching practice project build by central government and local, humanities and social science research base in Chongqing, Chongqing's first university innovation team. Major research directions include theory of economic law, enterprise law, competition law, tax law, finance law, real estate law, labor and social security, rural economic legal system, etc. Economic law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law was continuously evaluated A++ in the nine secondary discipline rankings of law of Chinese university graduate school (department), ranking the first in the country. Economic law professional teachers are very qualified and famous teachers ,19 professors, 23 associate professors, 18 PhD supervisors, 44 master tutors, most of them were chosen as national-level candidates of the "new century pacesetter project",  "supported new century excellent talents program”, the first "supported youth talent program"of ministry of education, and Chongqing liangjiang scholars, philosophy and social science talents in Chongqing, millions engineering talents in Chongqing, distinguished professor of ba-yu scholars in Chongqing, key talent project "322" in Chongqing,etc. It Successively completed national social science major fund projects, philosophy and social science major project of the ministry of education to tender, national soft science project, and other national research projects, and won several national and provincial scientific research achievement and the teaching achievement prizes.