Intellectual Property Law: School of civil and Commercial Law

Intellectual property law was approved by the academic degrees committee of the state council and started to set up second-level disciplines of law in 2006. Since 2007, the school began to enroll postgraduate students and doctoral students. Intellectual property law discipline composed of 24 full and part time faculties, including 8 professors,14 associate professors,5 tutors of doctoral students. The staff is comprised of 20 doctor's degree owners, one who enjoyed special government allowances of the State Council of experts, three members of the brain trust of Intellectual Property Law of the State Council, two as the highest level talents of "millions of intellectual property talent project" of the State Intellectual Property Office, two leading talent of the intellectual property, one of "selected excellent talents supporting plan of the Ministry of education in the new century ", one distinguished of professor of Bayu scholar of Chongqing,one leading talents supporting project of philosophy and Social Sciences in Chongqing, and two leading college academics and promising key teachers in Chongqing. In 2010, the teaching team of the law of intellectual property right was selected as excellent teaching team in Chongqing. At the present time, this discipline is the "Training Mode innovative experimental areas", for the interdisciplinary intellectual property talents of Cultivation Mode innovative experimental areas, with a municipal research center, which is intellectual property research center of cloud computing of Chongqing, and a research centers au university level, the intellectual property research center of SWUPL. Besides, we provide the highest exquisite curricula courses of Chongqing, and an open exquisite video curriculum.