Civil Law: School of Civil and Commercial Law

As the traditional advantageous subject, the discipline of Civil Law has a talented multidisciplinary faculty with strong staff support and outstanding teaching and research achievements including 24 professors and 40 associate professors. The master’s degree program was approved by the State Council in 1979 and the doctoral degree program was approved in 1988. Civil Law and Commercial Law are listed as the two National Top Quality Courses, and Foreign Civil and Commercial Law is rated as the National Bilingual Language Model Teaching Course. The main orientations of research consist of Civil Law, Commercial Law, Marriage and Family Law, Financial Law and Medical law, etc. Attention is paid to the disciplinary crossing and integration of In-house Counsel and Capital Market Justice in terms of student cultivation. The Development Goal is to build such a secondary legal subject as having profound human spirit and international vision in order to be the first-rate in China and internationally famous.