Civil Procedural Law: School of Law

As the state-level key discipline in programs of Law, Civil Procedural Law is one of the earliest disciplines entitled to grant Master of Laws Doctor of Laws. The master’s degree program was approved in 1979 and the doctoral degree program in 1995.


The course of Civil Procedure Law was rated as the National Essential Course in 2006. After the project of the national essential open course was approved in 2012, the course of Civil Procedure Law then obtained approval as the national high-quality shared class of Litigation Law.


There is a wealth of young talent in the discipline of Civil Procedural Law, which has made considerable development under the leadership of several academic leaders such as Professor Chang Yi, Professor Tian Pingan, and Professor Tang Li since the end of the last century. At present there are 15 teachers, among which 8 are professors and 7 are associate professors. Professor Tian Pingan was rated the nationally outstanding teacher in 2007, and Professor Tang Li was awarded the outstanding teacher in Chongqing in 2012, then he was employed as Bayu scholar and Distinguished Professor in institution of higher education. Furthermore, the teaching team of Civil Procedural Law was awarded “Teaching Team at State-level”.


In addition to focusing on cooperation with the judicial departments, the discipline of Civil Procedural Law develops foreign exchange work vigorously. Agreements on academic exchange between so many famous schools of law in the universities as University of Cincinnati in the USA and Yonsei University and Sung Kyun Kwan University in the Republic of Korea and Kaohsiung University of Taiwan.


Now the discipline of Civil Procedure Law has formed a strong and reasonable academic team, and has become such a discipline of law as enjoying high reputation and great influence at home and abroad.