Criminal law: School of Law

Criminal law of SWUPL is one of first established subjects of criminal law, which is merged with the Sichuan University, Chongqing University, Yunnan University, Guizhou University, and the southwest legal institutes of criminal law school originally in 1952.


The discipline of criminal law became the first master’s degree authorization center in 1981, and identified as the provincial key disciplines by Education Commission of Sichuan Province, and also, after Chongqing became the direct municipality, it recognized as municipality level key discipline and Exquisite Curricula. In addition, Postgraduate Education Quality Course and its staff are qualified as Chongqing municipal higher education team. In 2011, this discipline awarded Doctoral Degree Programs.


Our Criminal law discipline has 28 teaching and research staff, including nine professors, sixteen associate professors, two instructors, and one teaching assistant. More than 85% (those who under 45 years old all had awarded master’s degree) have the doctoral degree or master’s degree. And they mainly have abroad study, academic visit, and scholarly communication experience to the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Norway, Holland, Korea and other countries over 30 times. In addition, more than 50 practical experts have been employed to guide the postgraduate students. At present, our teaching team has formed its own research direction in the basic theory of criminal law, sentencing, organized crime, drug crime, special groups’ right to protect and crime prevention, juvenile justice and other fields.


The discipline of criminal law offers a professional and friendly environment in which to consciously espousing the method of joining theory and practice, emphasize in education reform, and strengthen students' basic skills training and practical ability training. We have strict rules and standards for curriculum learning, teaching practice, as well as thesis writing which will allow you to deepen and broaden your knowledge in SWUPL.