Legal Logic: School of administrative law

Legal logic is a new interdisciplinary subject that prospected in our country in the late 80’s, which is an inherently interdisciplinary of Legal Studies and logical research. SWUPLE is also the leader and the base of enlightenment education search center of our nation, which is one of the two universities offered this discipline. The legal logic discipline first enrollment as master’s degree authorization centers in1986, and set up as independent sub-discipline of law in 2004. We deliver the high level professions which will allow you to deepen and broaden knowledge in legal logic theories and legal expertise. Graduates would be capable with the ability of  independent  teaching, research and work, covering the job with higher learning management, consultation, decision-making, teaching, scientific research and other work in the competent authorities, government departments, enterprises and institutions and institutions, specialized in trial logic, investigation logic, persuasion and dispute resolution, legal thinking and judicial method.