Constitutional Law and Administrative Law: School of Administrative Law

As the discipline of public law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law mainly study constitution, administrative law and administrative procedure law. Due to the important role in the whole legal system, The SWUPL has been pushing for the development of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law as one of the most important disciplines since the school was re-opened especially in the last decade due to the important role in the whole legal system. At present Constitutional Law and Administrative Law is listed as the key discipline in Chongqing with high-profile in China on teaching and research.


The master’s degree program was approved by the State Council in 1992 and the doctoral degree program was approved in 2005. There are 37 faculties in this school, including 9 professors and 22 associate professors, and 6 instructors; among them 7 are doctoral supervisors and 9 are master’s supervisors. Master’s degree program consists of four research orientations: constitutional law and administrative law, the branches of which include the fundamental theories of constitution,the basic systems of constitution, constitution and human rights, history of constitution, basic theory of administrative law, basic system of administrative law, history of administrative law, department administrative laws, administrative procedure laws, etc.