Science of Legal History: Administrative Law School

Equipped with outstanding faculties, Science of Legal History is the Master and Doctor Grant Site and has held the first teacher training courses about legal history research in national universities and colleges authorized by the ministry of justice.The research on Confucian legal culture takes a leading position in China.


The existing doctor instructors include Professor Long Daxuan , Professor Hu Ren and Professor Lu Zhixing, with Han Zhongxin employed as the part-time doctoral tutor. Research fields of PhD encompass Chinese Legal History,Foreign Legal History, History of Chinese Legal Philosophy and New China’s Legal History and so on. The cultivation of doctor aims to focus on the professional precision and depth.


The number of graduate student tutors is 11, including Professor Long Daxuan, Professor Hu Renzhi, Professor Lu Zhixing and Li Shengyu. The research fields of postgraduate students include Chinese Legal History, Foreign Legal History, History of Chinese Legal Philosophy and Western Legal Philosophy. The cultivation of postgraduates focuses on the combination of research and applied talents.


Science of Legal History will further strengthening academic discipline construction and international academic exchange so as to set up the base for legal history research and high level talented person cultivation with certain influence in the world.