The study of legal theory: School of Administrative Law

Legal theory received its power of declaring master degree in 1979, and was the earliest batch to set up the authority of declaring master degree as a secondary discipline throughout the country. In 2003, it received the power of declaring doctor degree, and set up flow stands for post doctoral studies. It is also a key discipline of “10th five-year” program and “11th five-year” program. The course of "jurisprudence" was evaluated as the excellent course at national level in 2007. Jurisprudence teaching team was rated as the Chongqing municipal teaching team. Over the years, the discipline of legal theory continues to maintain an academic echelon which has a reasonable structure of age, a solid theory foundation, and a spirit of exploration. In recent years, the members of the discipline of legal theory have made great achievements in academic research, and there are many kinds of continuous publications impose an important impact in the academic world, including Lectures on Jurisprudence, jurisprudence in Classics, jurisprudence in Society and China Human Rights Review. In terms of academic research, the discipline department established five academic innovation teams, including the Marxist legal thought research, social law study, the western jurisprudence research, human rights education and research, and the study on politics of law.