Master of Auditing: The school of Management

The audit master's degree authorization was approved in 2014, and in 2015, it officially enrolled in 2-year application-oriented graduate students. It planned to enroll in 30 students in 2015, and actually recruits 72 students, which represents a good development trend. Focusing on the auditing needs of the state organs, enterprises and institutions, this profession intends to cultivate high level and application-oriented specialized personnel that are equipped with good political quality and professional ethics, as well as grasp the modern audit and related fields’ knowledge and skills systematically, have relevant economic, management and legal knowledge, with an open international perspective, a strong professional ability and management ability, and can creatively engage in audit work or other comprehensive management.


Master of Auditing was set up by the School of Management, which is a young, harmonious, pragmatic and aspirate teaching and researching unit. The School of Management was started up in 1985. It began to enroll in undergraduate students major in business management in 1995, graduate students in 2007, and it sets up two master degrees now: Business Management and Master of Auditing. Its Business Management discipline became a key discipline in Chongqing Colleges’ "Twelfth Five Year" project in 2011. The School of Management has 58 full time teachers now, including 11 professors, 25 associate professors and 29 master’s tutors. Most of teachers have a doctorate. Its academic influence, personnel training and the ability to service the society are especially prominent in the same discipline in Chongqing.