Master of Finance: The School of Economics

Advantages and Features


The Master of Finance in the Southwest University of Political Science and Law is aimed to cultivate high level, application-oriented and inter-disciplinary finance specialized talents with a solid foundation of economics and finance, be familiar with the relevant financial laws and regulations, as well as can master the financial products development, pricing, risk management and other financial core technology, and have a innovative spirit and a strong ability to engage in the actual financial work.


The Master of Finance set Yangtze River’s upstream financial center constructed in Chongqing as a starting point, and establishes a strategic and cooperative partnership with many financial institutions in Chongqing, thus provides students with good practice and employment platform. At the same time, relying on the training advantages of law talents, it implants in relevant knowledge of law and cases while training, which is committed to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents that are equipped with background of both financial and legal knowledge, thus to solve the complex legal problems during financial activities.


The course offered


The Finance Master's course includes required courses: financial theory and policy, economics principle, investment, corporate finance and financial statement analysis. Based on the current economic situation, we offered targeted and advanced professional courses, besides we offer financial and law related courses that exploit advantages of economics and law, such as financial derivatives, commercial banks business management case, financial analysis, financial risk management, financial innovation and regulation, financial law, business law and other fifteen elective courses. We strive to lay a solid theoretical foundation for students and improve their professional quality.