Applied Economics: School of Economics

Provincial and Ministerial Key Disciplines, excellent faculty


Applied economics, the first discipline master degree program, is the key discipline in Chongqing, which involves 3 secondary discipline master degree, national economics, finance and international trade. We enroll the PHD student in Institutional and legal economics major. The length of schooling is three years.

Applied Economics discipline has over 60 full-time teachers, including 10 professors and 23 associate professors. More than 70% teachers have doctor's degree. It also has 2 doctoral supervisors, 23 master Supervisors,1 distinguished Professor in Bay scholar plan, 2 academic leaders in Chongqing and 3 excellent young and middle-aged leading teachers in Chongqing’s universities. In addition, the college also employs some experts at home and abroad as adjunct professors.

In recent years, applied economics teachers published over 300 papers in Economic Research, Management World, World Economy and Economics (quarterly publication). They hosted 13 projects, including national key projects and general projects. More than 30 papers are reproduced by China Social Sciences Digest, Duplicated Materials by People's University and China University Academic Abstracts, which had a great influence.


High employment rate, good employment quality

Applied economics focuses on postgraduate’s basic theory and ability building. Postgraduates are not only motivated to strengthen theoretical study, but also encouraged to participate in various activities on and off campus, as well as minor in law, the second degree. Graduated students in applied economics have high comprehensive quality, great social competitiveness and employment situation. Employment rates reached 100% in the recent 3 years. Most of their employment fields are financial institutions, including banks, securities, trusts, Investments, and foreign trade agencies. Judicial agencies and government agencies such as procuratorates, courts, public securities, customs houses and financial and taxation departments are prevalent as well.