The Discipline of The Marxist Theory: School of Marxism

Discipline Constituents: School of Marxism of SWUPL has the long history for more than 50 years, who received the right to grant master’s degree of first level discipline in 2006. School of Marxism owns 22 master’s supervisors now, five secondary level disciplines of which recruit postgraduate students: the Basic Tenets of Marxism, History of Marxism Development, Research on Sinicism of Marxism, Study of Marxism Abroad, Education in Ideology and Politics.

The School of Marxism now possesses an age structure, professional title structure, discipline team of rational academic structure. The total number of full-time teachers and researchers are forty-two, including ten professors,fifteen associate professors and twenty scholars with doctorates.

Academic Research: The Discipline of The Marxist Theory is closely around the major realistic problems and the theory of frontier to research and explore. In the recent five years, The discipline has hosted six general projects supported by the nation, more than 30 provincial level subjects. In recent years more than one 130academic theses have been published in the important periodicals such as Philosophy and Marxist Study and monographs and more than 20 textbooks came out, forming a stark discipline and academic advantage and presenting the pattern of  development of basic theory research and real problem simultaneously.

Talent Cultivation: The Discipline of The Marxist Theory focuses on the particularity of talent training and devotes to cultivation and formation of students’ correct outlook and political beliefs. It pays attention to the improvement of educated students in postgraduate education and regards continuously improving the quality of personnel training as the priority in accordance with the national medium and long-term talent development plan about formation of a batch of Marxist, especially young and middle-aged theorists. Thus, in recent years a large number of students welcomed by society have been cultivated by the Discipline of The Marxist Theory , with more than 95% employment rate of graduating students .