Philosophy: the School of Marxism

The Philosophy discipline in the Southwest University of Political, Science and law has a long history, which is one of the earliest disciplines that enrolls in philosophy graduate students in southwest China, and as early as 1984, the discipline of Philosophy of Marxism began to enroll in master graduates. These two disciplines are the earliest to enroll in graduate students besides the Law in the Southwest University of Political, Science and law. The first level discipline of Philosophy has the power of declaring master degree, and nowadays it recruits master graduate students in four second-level discipline, namely, Philosophy of Marxism, Chinese Philosophy, Western Philosophy and Ethics. The first level discipline of philosophy has 14 supervisors of graduate students. The Southwest University of Political, Science and law plan to recruit 32-36 students major in philosophy in 2016, which owns a larger scale and more professions in recruiting philosophy graduate students in Chongqing and the western region.


The Philosophy discipline in the Southwest University of Political, Science and law has an outstanding comparative advantage among universities in Chongqing. In the Philosophy discipline, the number of teachers owning professional title or doctoral degree in the Southwest University of Political, Science and law ranks top in Chongqing’s universities. More than 10 teachers under the age of 45 are all have doctoral degree in philosophy. The first level of philosophy is a provincial key discipline. Among the teachers, there are members of the Education Department’s Committee for Philosophy Education, the leader of Chongqing’s academic technology, besides there are many teachers occupy the position of vice-chairman or secretary general of Chongqing Seminar of Dialectics, Chongqing Philosophy Meeting and Chongqing Institute of Ethics. The discipline now existing 3 research centers and 2 scientific research innovation teams.


The training quality of graduate students is higher. For instance, the student, Xi Lin, was awarded as “the best debater in China’s colleges and universities debate”, Sun Liang was evaluated as “the advanced individual of Chongqing science and technology innovation”, and Li Tao is the only special award winner of 2010 school-field excellent achievements in science and technology research. At present, the municipal excellent master's theses of the School of Marxism are all originated from the philosophy discipline.


In recent years, the average employment rate of the graduate students of each academic major in our university was kept above 90%. The employment is basically oriented to political and legal system, all levels of schools and other institutions, administrative departments, etc., and thus we have a high employment quality.