Short-term Program

Ⅰ.Enrollment Objects and Qualifications


Foreign students who are interested in Chinese Language and law can apply for this program.


Ⅱ.Period of Study


Study Period is 4 weeks. SWUPL accepts short-term program students all year around (excluding the winter holiday).


Ⅲ.  Curriculum Provision


1. Language Training Series Course : Intensive Chinese, Chinese listening and speaking, Chinese reading and writing, Chinese newspaper reading.


2. Chinese Culture Series Courses: Chinese martial arts, Calligraphy, Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese knot, Chinese cooking.


3. Chinese Legal Series Course: Chinese civil law, Commercial law, Chinese company law, Chinese finance law, etc.


4. Lectures: History and culture of China, Introduction to the society of China, Introduction to legal system of China.


5. Culture Experience: Chongqing Impression, China Three Gorges, Dazu Rock Culving, Jin Dao Gorge, Ci Qikou Ancient Town, Three Gorges Museum, Hong Yadong, Chao Tianmen Port, Night View of Chongqing, Colorful Campus Activities.


﹡The minimum number of students in a class should be above 10 (including 10).


﹡All the courses are taught in either Chinese or English.



Tuition fee is 2000RMB per student(including Registration and tuition). The international students will pay for the cost of going back and forth the international fare, accommodation fee and tour fee, etc.


Ⅴ.Contact Information




 The International Cooperation and Exchange Office of SWUPL


301 Baosheng Road,Yubei District, Chongqing 401120,P.R.China


Postcode: 401120


Tel: +86-23-67258299


Fax: +86-23-67258673