Courses in English

Comparative Study on Political Systems

Study on Cutting-Edge Issues of Comparative Politics

Study on Political Theories

Study on Cutting-Edge Issues of Politics

Cross Study on Law and other Subjects

Government and Politics of Contemporary China

Introduction to Sociology

Sociology of Law

Western History of Political Thought

Contemporary Western Political Ideological Trends

Commercial Law

Chinese Economic Law

Foreign Civil and Commercial Law, Insurance Law

Corporate Law of China

Foreign Civil Law

Intelletual Property Law of China

Comparative Intellectual Property Law

International Conventions on Intellectual Property Law

The Trademark Law of China and the Practice

Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law

Law of Securities

International News Reporting

Chinese News Media in the Age of Globalization

Interpersonal Communication

Western Philosophy of Law


Introduction to Chinese  law

Law in Tradional China

Chinese  Culture

Chinese Legal History


Foreign Police Science

Community Policing

Criminal Investigation Tactics

Seizing Tactics

Criminal Investigation

Electronic Evidence

Judicial Expertise


Investigative Psychology

Criminal Psychology

Police Psychology

Criminal Investigation System

Consumer Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Financial Management

Introduction to Chinese Environmental Pretection and Natural Resources Law

Sino-US Comparative Mining Law

Financial Law

Chinese Contract Law

Comparative Sino-US Property Law

Labor and Social Security Law

Labor and Employment Law

Civil Law of China

Chinese Competition Law

Comparative Family Law

Family Law in Practice

Regional Economics

International Economics

Fundamentals of International Business

Transcultural Communication

Corporate Finance

Personal Financial Planning

International Business Negotiation

Foreign Criminal Law

Foreign Criminal Procedure Law

Foreign Civil Procedure Law

International Trade Law

WTO and China

International Trade Transactions

Case and Practice of International Trade Law

Case Analysis of International Trade Law