The Delegation of President Santa Ono from University of British Columbia Visited SWUPL

Author: Cao Yubin, Wang Han Sourece: Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

2019-01-14 10:07:00

At the scene of the meeting (Source: He Ming)

On the afternoon of December 13th, Professor Santa Ono, President of University of British Columbia (UBC), and his delegation of three members visited SWUPL. They were given a warm reception by SWUPL President Fu Zitang. Guo Meisong, Head of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Qin Jie, Dean of School of International Education as well as other related officials from International Cooperation and Exchange Office also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Fu Zitang welcomed the delegation. After that, he gave a brief introduction to the history of cooperation and exchange between UBC and SWUPL, such as international student teacher exchange, the Program for Overseas Student in China and so on. President Fu said that SWUPL has always attached great importance to the cooperation with UBC and hoped the two universities could not only develop long-term close partnership, but also promote the internationalization of education program between the two sides.

President Ono expressed gratitude for SWUPL's warm welcome and introduced the two universities' common ideas in educational philosophy. He said that it was a common goal of the two universities to cultivate international talents of excellence, great knowledge and good manners and moral character. He also hoped that UBC and SWUPL could cooperate to cultivate more talents who will make outstanding contributions to society.

After the meeting, Fu Zitang led a delegation to visit the campus and SWUPL's beautiful environment left the visitors with a deep impression.

University of British Columbia, built in 1908, is known as a famous public research university in Canada. It is regarded as one of the "top three" universities in Canada together with McGill University and University of Toronto. UBC's academic strength has remained in the top 35 of the world for many years. At the same time, it is also one of the top 20 public universities across the world. SWUPL has developed a cooperative relationship and have carried out exchange programs including student and teacher intercultural program, scholar-visiting and short-term study abroad program with UBC since 2013, and has carried out cooperation in many aspects such as the student and teacher exchange programs, scholar-visiting, and short-term projects for international students.

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