SWUPL Debate Team Won the Championship of the First National Law Schools "Lawyer's Cup"

Author: Yang Huantong Sourece: Youth League committee

2018-11-13 05:59:00

our school debate team played against Law School of Ningxia University team during the semi-final (Source: Youth League committee)

Group photo of SWUPL debate team won the first prize (Source: Youth League committee)

From October 26th to 28th, the law-themed debating competition of the First National Law Schools "Lawyer's Cup" was held in Gansu Political Science And Law Institute. The debate team from SWUPL stood out among the 18 participating teams from 17 domestic universities and won the championship of this debating competition.

Six debaters from SWUPL, Chu Zenan (2016 postgraduate from School of Civil and Commercial Law), He Haoyang (2016 postgraduate from School of Economic Law), Zhou Mengyuan (2016 undergraduate from School of Business), Liu Huaxia (2017 undergraduate from School of Politics and Public Administration), Xiao Wenyue (2017 undergraduate from School of Economic) and Li Anqi (2017 undergraduate from School of Global Journalism and Communication), participated in this debate competition. During the competition, the solid arguments of the debaters and their outstanding eloquence won applause from the audience and praise from the judges. Chu Zenan and Zhou Mengyuan also won the title of "The Best Debater".

It was known that this debating competition hosted by Gansu Political Science And Law Institute was held in "the gold town" Lanzhou. A total of 18 teams such as Guangzhou University and Ningbo University participated in the competition. In the two days of the competition, a total of four rounds were held: the preliminary contests, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

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